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Last updated 7-22-2011

July 22, 2011
We're alive! Well.. sorta! lol. As mentioned before, SA Tails became webmaster of SonicVerse Team, and pulled me onboard to help out. We've not abandoned or given up on this site, in fact have BIG plans involving SegaSonic Station. But before anything, we've had to do some major renovation work to SVT to get broken, dated and spazzing systems working properly again. Not to mention a server move to get SVT situated safely on our servers, instead of CrapHost.. er.. I mean DreamHost! So expect updates here, and be sure to check out http://www.sonicverseteam.net!
December 30, 2009
Remember SonicVerse Team? Recently I've become head admin of it. I've recruited Solar to help with rebuilding it after a long time of it being neglected. We'll keep up with SSS with any small updates we may have, but SVT is much bigger and requires a LOT more maintainance than SegaSonic Station. Stay tuned...

On a small note, I moved 2007 and 2008 updates into the archives.
December 19, 2009
I do greatly appologise for the lack of updates this year, worse than ever. But we ARE still alive, and I will update the midi section with Espio's collection soon, I promise. Hopefully before 2010. In case I don't get to it before Christmas, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Febuary 23, 2009
After 10 years of composing quality midis, John "EspioKaos" Weeks has thrown in the towel (Actually he did so a while ago, but as always, we're rather slow, lol). As of Febuary 2009, espiokaos.com is no more. Naturally we hate to see such quality work risk vanishing, and so have gotten permission to post his collection here. And so we will!

Because of the massive number of midis Mr Weeks has created, this update will take some time. Chances are we'll release addons in a more modualar method. As in, A Sonic 1 update, then a Sonic 2 update later on, ect.. I'm sure plenty of other sites will also continue hosting his work, as they always have. But at the moment, I don't know anywhere else you can find his entire Sonic collection! I am tempted to simply put up everything he's made, even the non-sonic collections, although those would be in the final updates.

Personally, I do hope others will host everything as well, as SSS has never been a big site and probably never will. Anyway, babbeling aside, stay tuned for some big updates!

On a side note, Much of the midi based music used in Sonic TI, our fan game project, is work done by Mr Weeks, as it usually sounds quite remarkable under XG drivers and we record them as MP3s for the engine. Sonic TI does have midi support, but we intend to feature a full mp3-quality soundtrack as well.

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